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Download Retrica for your PC

Retrica download that helps you take perfect selfies. The reason is mainly due to its multiple editing tools, making it easy to improve the quality of the photos taken with the camera on the front, that are usually of poorer quality.

Use Retrica for PC:

Link download Retrica

Once downloaded and installed, you just need to run it and there you will explore the apps in the same way you did it with your phone, that´s why this is a device emulator. Then just go the top right corner and find the search bar to type in “Retrica”.

Install and run the application as if you were in your smartphone so in that way you can edit and add filters and effects to the pictures you have in your computer. Now you can see how easy is to use Retrica.

You just need an emulator that lets you install any application when you´re not on the phone. We recommend “Bluestacks” which you can get on the official website.

Use Retrica:

The first step is to select the camera you’d like to use: frontal or back? You can change cameras by clicking on the top right button on the screen.

Right under the camera image there’s an orange menu with several buttons. With the first button you can choose the size of the image or, if you’d like to create a collage,how you want it to be; with the second you can choose a circular smoked effect, with the third you can choose a tilt-shift effect, the fourth is to choose a simple frame and the last is to select a timer.

You need to take the picture: you can choose one you already have on Retrica click on the bottom left button (a negative) or pressing directly on the big black button in the center to take the picture.

You can access filters with the bottom right button, which shows three circles overlapped forming a triangle. You only need to swipe your finger on the screen to access all the filters and see how they’d look on the image. You can also select the filter before taking the picture.

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